Create marketing your customers can’t resist.

If your marketing messages don’t pull the right mental levers for your customers, you’re burning opportunities and wasting money.

StratPack is the first service designed to help you craft messaging your customers will love.*

*Expensive agency or copywriter NOT required

Messaging made simple

StratPack saves you hours (or days, or months!) of frustration trying to translate the essence of your business into key messages to use on your website, social posts, email, and more.

Whether on your own or with a team, StratPack gives you a clear, repeatable way to craft great messaging.

You’ll capture the most critical elements of your business and then channel them into your messages, including:

  • Your Customers’ Challenges
  • Your Competition’s Weaknesses
  • Your Business Features
  • and more!

Nothing to download, no complicated setup. You can even do it while you’re in line for coffee.

Great messaging, no hacks

StratPack doesn’t give you “5 quick tips to fix your copy!”, it’s a tool that helps you build great messaging in a fast, structured, and strategic way.

It’s fueled by processes developed over years of work with dozens of clients from early stage startups to Fortune 500.

Messaging shouldn’t be a mysterious process

Effective messaging:

  • Speaks to the motivations of your customers
  • Highlights the benefits you’re providing customers
  • Pulls the right emotional levers inside your customers

Best of all, it’s something you can craft yourself.

Free to use while in beta

While StratPack is in beta (aka. “still refining”), you can use it for free. When we officially launch, we’ll shift over to a paid monthly subscription model.

We’ll warn you before that happens and you’ll have the option to upgrade to a paid account at that time.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!