Marketing Messages Analysis and Best Practices

Insights and learnings extracted from original research into the marketing messages of 600 companies.

Months of Research. 600 Companies. Best Practices You Can Use Today. All Free.

We have strong beliefs about best practices for marketing messages. These beliefs have been formed over years of study and consulting with successful companies. But we wanted to validate those ideas with our own data. So, we got mountains of it.

This 28-page study looks at the marketing messages of 600 companies across 30 industries to uncover best practices that you can apply to your business today.

A few quick highlights

  • Talk about benefits, not just features. 99% of the topmost companies in our study used benefit-focused headlines
  • Keep your subheadlines short. On average, our top company subheadlines were about 15% shorter than the bottom companies.
  • Use all your messaging elements. Our top companies used a Call to Action 20% more often than the bottom companies.

And so much more!

Want to put this data into action?

If you’d like to use a tool that will help you create benefit-focused messages and follow best practices try StratPack! Lucky for you, it’s totally free to get started, so give it a shot and see how fast and easy it is to create great messaging!