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The average business owner spends $600 per month* on marketing resources.

StratPack can cut that cost in half.
That means at least a 10x return for you.

  • Get brainstorm suggestions for new marketing messages
  • Translate the benefits that your customers care about into your messages
  • Test which messages are most effective
  • Refine your messages based on recommendations

StratPack helps you achieve all of that and more.

“Amount is based on our study of business owners who on average spend 15hrs/month on their marketing messages and pay their marketing resources an average of $40/hr.

StratPack’s one simple price:


The features that will boost your marketing:

  • Hundreds of brainstorming ideas to develop messages
  • Unlimited grading for every marketing message using StratScore
  • Automatic feedback using best practices to improve messages
  • Iteration tracking to refine messages
  • Artificial Intelligence to test sentiment and industry relevance
  • SEO search term suggestions based on industry
  • Pairings with free stock photos to use with messages
  • Easy ability to share messages with your team

Free Trial – No Credit Card Required.

Need hands-on help with your marketing and messaging?

We offer consulting services for times when you need additional expertise to craft your messaging.

Our engagements include:

Messaging audits
Focused marketing sprints
Ongoing support

In all cases, we use StratPack to guide our work together.

Click below to contact us for a free consultation.

Questions you may have…

Will I be charged when the trial is up?

Nope. You don’t have to provide a credit card to start so you only pay when you’re ready. After your 7-Day trial, you can decide to continue and enter payment details at that time.

What if I need more than 7 Days?

Drop us a note on the Contact page and we’ll give you a little more time.

Can I cancel any time?

Yup. There’s no minimum commitment. You can manage your subscription in the Billing section of your account.

Can I ask you something else?

Of course! Send a message on the Contact page or click the little chat bubble to talk now.